Boys’ Volleyball: Homecoming, Senior Day, and the SPC Tournament


On Friday October 23rd, the Bennett Athletic Center was roaring as the Cyclones’ boys volleyball team hosted Greenhill. Having played the Hornets two times prior and splitting the season series, the significance stretched beyond homecoming night, as the game would also break the tie between the two evenly matched, hard-hitting teams. Ultimately, Greenhill was able to win in straight sets, but each set was tightly contested, including a back-and-forth third set ending with a score of 24-26 that put Greenhill on the winning side. Kendall Landis (‘22) was able to stay postgame for an interview, and although he expressed the team’s frustration over the tough loss, he confidently said, “I know we can still beat any team in the SPC.” 

Both Kendall’s comments and the mental toughness of the Cyclones were proven the day after, as the team handily beat Fort Worth Country Day on Saturday afternoon winning in straight sets, with a score of 25-21, 25-19, and 25-23. On top of a comfortable, confidence-boosting win, the team was also brought together by the Senior Day celebrations that preceded the match. After seeing the senior shout-outs and playing with his classmates and friends, Kendall said, “the senior celebration was something that helped us remember what the sport is all about, which is having fun.” The team certainly had fun, defeating the Falcons in straight sets with great team play from all of the volleyball seniors. With smiling faces in the stands, on the bench, and on the court, Saturday’s win was a necessary boost in morale for the Cyclones, leading into the competitive SPC tournament.

On top of SPC play, the boys’ volleyball team also won a championship in the first-ever season of the Oklahoma Boys’ Volleyball Association (OKBVA). Kendall admitted that playing in two competitive leagues with multiple games per week has certainly left the team “feeling a little wary,” but he continued on with confidence, explaining that every member of the team has been focused and continued to work hard to prepare for the SPC tournament. With a talented and hard-working group of boys on the squad, the Cyclones have a fighting chance in every game they play, as Zac Dunn (‘23) mentioned, “I know we can compete with any opponent when we are playing well.” 

As the weekend of November 6 rolled around, the Cyclones made a deep run in the SPC tournament, winning the first round match against Saint Stephens and the quarter finals against Houston Episcopal. The Cyclones’ run was ultimately cut short by a talented Trinity Valley School squad, who handed them a tough loss in the SPC tournament semifinals. The Cyclones ended their season finishing fourth place in the SPC after leaving it all on the court in another tightly contested third-place match against Greenhill. Though the season ended with a tough loss, Casady’s boys volleyball team had a great season full of memorable moments for the players and fans alike.