Kevin and Kobs: Helping the Community One Furry Friend at a Time


Mrs. Kobs, upper-division Director of Student Support Services at Casady School, has brought a new way to help the Casady community with Kevin, her three-year-old therapy beagle. Kevin can detect human emotions and provide support to whomever is in need. When asked why Kevin would make an excellent therapy dog, Mrs. Kobs says, “He’s always had a really sweet temperament, and loves all people, all dogs.” To gain his therapy dog title, Kevin went through several obedience training sessions, but he was born with an innate sense to detect human emotions. “He has a way of finding someone that needs that little bit of encouragement,” according to Mrs. Kobs. She believes that all dogs have a “sixth sense” to notice when someone is experiencing a negative or positive emotion and that dogs feel innately obligated to help said person.

Kevin provides a new opportunity for Casady students to establish a beneficial relationship with him and the counselors. When he is present, it can create a more comforting environment for students to talk about themselves and allow students to open up more than they normally would. Mrs. Kobs argues that when you have a sweet dog soaking up your attention, it is easier to open up and reach out for help. “There’s this furry thing that is giving you kisses and interacting with you.” Mrs. Kobs encourages all students to visit Kevin because he can surprise you with how much support he can truly give. 

Kevin and Mrs. Kobs work through the H.A.L.O organization to help serve our community. “H.A.L.O. is able to go into different organizations, schools, hospice services, retirement facilities, and libraries pre-Covid and the kids get to read to dogs.” With this organization, Kevin and Kobs are able to go to numerous locations in Oklahoma City to offer support after being certified through H.A.L.O. Volunteer opportunities are available with the Human-Animal Link of Oklahoma Foundation if students have a dog that can go through the lengthy certification process to be able to go into schools and organizations. If you or your furry friend are interested in helping serve the community, Mrs. Kobs and the H.A.L.O website are available to help!