Tempers Flare as CMS Dominates the Field


On January 16, the varsity men’s soccer team took on ESD in a match that was eventful in more ways than one. The game began in the early afternoon and started off well for the Cyclones, with Andrew Barnett (‘22) scoring within the first few minutes. The rest of the first half was filled with close shots and great saves, neither team managing to score. Casady’s defense remained stout for the rest of the game, managing some impressive steals and even a slide tackle from the goalie himself, Luis Lopez (‘22). After an adrenaline-pumping forty minutes, the first half came to an end in a culmination of good sportsmanship and great soccer.

However, as the game progressed, tempers flared. 

The second half was running smoothly until two players got into a bit of a tangle and tripped over one another while chasing the ball, causing the whistle to be blown. Seeing his teammate down, Graeme Jones (‘21) stepped in with a helping hand to get him back on his feet, accidentally jostling the player from ESD and in turn received a fist to the face from an angry opponent. Admirably, Jones did not punch him back, but remained calm, even jumping into action to pull his teammate Alex Angeles (‘22) away from the assailant, successfully avoiding any more hands being thrown. Reflecting upon the incident a few days later, Jones said “we just kept our cool and didn’t want to stoop to their level… we’re a good team and we’re better than that.” And it’s a good thing they are, because a red card was flashed into the ESD player’s face a few seconds after he threw his punch, ejecting him from the game. The game carried on, both teams playing a little harder, with Casady’s offense nearly scoring several times and ESD hardly ever getting past our defense. 

The game ended without any more goals from either side, resulting in yet another win for Casady. Not only did they demonstrate their skill as a team, but also their unshakeable spirit, which has carried them through an undefeated season. Well wishes to them as they continue to dominate this season – go Cyclones!