The Drive-In Winter Extravaganza!


For Casady musicians, the Christmas season is a flurry of excitement and vigorous preparation for their Christmas concerts! Production begins weeks before the event, with students and teachers working tirelessly to perfect their programs. Then, after much anticipation, everyone puts on their Christmas sweaters, tunes their instruments, and performs on stage before a full house, which would normally add to the holiday cheer. However, gathering together to hear wonderful music is not possible this year – or, at least, not in such close quarters. Presented with these challenging circumstances, Mr. Larry Moore, a strings teacher, sought a way to preserve the big night. The obvious solution was a recorded compilation of music to be streamed from home, just like the Fall concert. However, this mode of viewing would not do justice to the magic of togetherness that is such a big part of the Christmas concert. So, Mr. Moore had to think big, and he did just that. On Thursday, December 17, Casady will be hosting a concert at a drive-in.

Established in 1968, the Winchester Drive-In has been a long-loved spot for movie-goers, showing blockbusters, new releases, and now, Casady’s Christmas concert. The drive-in is reserved for Thursday, December 17, to welcome Casady families to a showcase of holiday music and cheer. Parked in their cars lined up before the screen, parents, and friends will watch a compilation of recordings made by the band, orchestra, and choir! Unlike the Fall concert, though, the recordings will be comprised of clips of each individual student playing along to a click track, an audio device used to keep everyone together. There’s an additional twist – each clip will have a scenic background to create a wintry ambiance. In order to accomplish this, the students will play in front of a green screen, after which Mr. Moore will work his magic. Aside from all the special effects and great music, there will be an additional treat for concertgoers – a special presentation by the Vivaldi chamber group, who will be playing the third movement of the winter concerto. Under normal circumstances, the group would perform at the annual trustee’s dinner, which was canceled this year. Unwilling to let their hard work go unnoticed, Mr. Moore decided to include them in the production – a first for the Christmas concert.

Speaking of firsts, there awaits another special presentation. Accompanied by the UD Orchestra’s recording of “Somewhere In My Memory,” Mr. Gorham will recount some tales of Casady Christmases over the years. 

After all the challenges the arts have faced this year, this production has been one of the biggest. The fine arts department has worked tirelessly to ensure a safe, enriching experience for students, and they haven’t fallen short in their determination that the show must go on. A huge thanks to them for their dedication and hard work! So, come one, come all to the novel Winter Extravaganza presented by the Casady musicians, which, in an era of many restrictions, will be the biggest and best yet.