Food Critic of the Month: Eddy Lu


Chosen for his notable work in the sphere of fine cuisine, Eddy Lu made his stellar debut as Casady’s food critic of the month. Over the week, Eddy reported all the details of Sage’s lunch, accompanied and enhanced by stunning visuals. He began rating the food on the Michelin star scale, but quickly ascended beyond the need for something so contrived as a single number value. He slowly incorporated texture, atmosphere, and service into his review, bringing his experience to life. 

A Brief Interview with Mr. Marley Regarding Eddy’s Special Relationship with Food:

What did you observe in the relationship between Eddy and food when you sat with him during lunch last year? 

Marley: “Eddy will eat anything and everything. And he ate it very fast. Have you ever seen him eat?”

“I actually have not.”

Marley: “He devours food, and yet he’s skinny. He can eat everything and he eats a lot.”

Has his eating ever affected his academic performance?

“I don’t think so.”

Have you ever attempted to change Eddy’s relationship with food?

“Yes. I tell him he can only take one serving at a time. And he can only take one bite at a time. He has to chew his food and he has to swallow before he takes the next bite.” 

And has he changed his eating habits?

“He has somewhat slowed down. Not a lot, but somewhat. And he’s a little more polite at taking one serving at a time, but he can still eat that very fast. He used to literally just take the entire serving plate. Whether he was the server or not, when it was his time to take the food, he’d basically take whatever was left, and he would get more food, but he would literally take a whole plate of food.”

Suffice it to say, Eddy was and still is a food legend.

Monday: Chicken Fried Steak and Fried Potatoes

Photo by Jonah Craine

Eddy’s Review: “If I were to rate today’s lunch out of three stars, I would have to give it the full three stars because, in my opinion, it tasted really good! The mashed potatoes tasted pretty rich and the chicken fried steak was simply rad-tastic.”

Tuesday: Chicken and Rice

Photo by Musa Jehangir

Eddy’s Review: Today’s lunch was simply fantastic! The chicken was juicy and the rice tasted pretty lit-tastic! I would rate it 3 out of 3 stars. The size of the portions are satisfactory as well, I would rate it 3 out of 3.

Wednesday: Hot Dog and Tater Tots

Photo by Aaron Chang

Eddy’s review: Today’s lunch was pretty good. I enjoyed the taste of the hot dog as well as the tater tots, and the veggies were pretty scrumptious if I do say so myself.

Thursday: Chicken… Again

Photo by Aaron Chang

Eddy’s review: Today’s lunch was quite exquisite if I say so myself, but the atmosphere was rather rowdy and unappealing for… certain reasons. However, when picking up the lunch, the service was excellent. The texture of the chicken was soft and tender, and the chicken tasted very good, as it was very juicy. The ingredients really resonated with each other, creating quite an impressive dish. The presentation was mediocre, like a normal school lunch.

Thursday (the next week): Probably Chicken

Photo by Aaron Chang

Eddy’s review: The lunch today was pretty good. The atmosphere was loud but nice. The presentation was mediocre, but the taste was nice; the chicken was juicy and tasted splendid along with the rice. However, the vegetables were rather unappealing in terms of texture, but otherwise, the lunch was a solid 2/3 stars.

Friday (the next week): Chicken It Is, Folks

Photo by Jonah Craine

Eddy’s review: Today’s lunch was rather unappealing. Presentation was rather bland, and the texture was mediocre. The chicken was rather dry but the cauliflower and okra were good. However, the atmosphere was nice, chatting with other people.

Some Final Thoughts

It goes without saying, Eddy rose above and beyond all expectations, delivering absolute poetry to the people. In the span of a week, he blossomed from a mere food enthusiast into a seasoned, thoughtful connoisseur of the culinary arts. His strong artistic voice shined through his bright and scrumptious word choices. Thanks to Eddy for taking the time to write these reviews and thanks to Mr. Marley for his moving testimony. Keep up the great work, Eddy!

*Note: The lunch titles were not fully accurate due to the fact that the writer failed to record each day’s official lunch menu. Therefore, the titles should not be regarded as fact.