Campus Questions 101 and 108 Pass with Sweeping Majority!


Found on the ballot of the AP US Government and Politics class’s mock election were two questions regarding campus life and student experience. The students involved with creating the Campus Questions sought to find more beneficial ways to conduct life on the Upper Division campus.

Because of the “stress and sacrifices” that have arisen due to COVID-19, the voters (Casady’s Upper Division) were asked if, on each Friday, they personally would like to be allowed to wear out-of-uniform clothing in honor of celebrating another week of following COVID-19 protocols. The Upper Division affirmed this proposal with a large majority of 94.8% of the vote. Only 2.2% of the voters said “no,” while 3% abstained.

Campus Question 108, on the other hand, asked for something much more different. Since the Upper Division has suspended off-campus lunch, for the time being, the AP US Government and Politics class proposed that each grade be given a designated “food truck day,” where each grade would visit a specified food truck on their day. The students would be allowed to pre-order and pay in advance, creating a grab-and-go situation. The class also pointed out that this would alleviate some of the stress placed on the Sage Dining staff, who is faced with the task of providing lunch to every student every day. This proposal also passed with 76.9% of voters saying “yes.” Only 17.9% said “no” and 5.2% abstained. This is an exciting turn of events for the Upper Division, and it is exciting to know that the administration, specifically Dr. Jon Powell and Ms. Joanne Infantino, have already approved these proposals and have begun to figure out a proper way to initiate them.

I sought out some of the students involved with producing the Campus Questions and found the lone creator herself: Allison Jones (‘22). When asked about how these two questions were formulated, she said, “The Campus Questions are the result of wanting Upper Division students to vote on issues that have a direct impact on our lives at school, so we can see firsthand the power of our vote.”

Allison also said that the main goal of these questions was to find ways to “make the school day a bit more fun amidst the pandemic and to counterbalance the restrictions of wearing masks by having out of uniform days on Fridays.” I continued and went as far as to say, “why food trucks?” She quickly answered, “Since we are no longer allowed to eat off-campus, I thought bringing food trucks to school would be a special treat.”

Absolutely! All of these would be a wonderful addition to life here at Casady School. I, along with many others, am happy to hear that the administration believes in hearing the opinion of the student body through an open election.