Staying Moving while Staying Home


Even though the entire world seems to have shut down due to the coronavirus, the great outdoors is alive and well! One thing that has been a universal and uplifting activity during these frightening times is exercise, whether it be with your family, pets, or just by yourself. From bike rides to lakeside runs, to walking a marathon, Casady students have definitely been getting their 30 minutes of movement in every day. 

For a fun way to connect as a community outside of a computer screen, Casady Student Council turned their BLUE week fundraiser into a virtual 5k where students were encouraged to get out and get active and then share their activity of choice on social media. Not only was this event a great way to enjoy the beautiful weather and raise money for the organization Fields and Futures, but all students were able to showcase their favorite activity. While some tossed a baseball around the park or shot some hoops in the driveway, others took to the streets and completed their own 5k path, finally snapping a pic to share with friends and encourage their peers to do the same. 

In addition to inclusive and connected events like this, many students are creating their own ways to stay active and enjoy their time outdoors. For example, Caroline Watkins (‘22) and Aria Nanda (‘22), along with a few friends,  took this idea to the extreme when they decided to walk a full marathon. After about a week of training of shorts walks, 5ks, and even a half marathon, the girls decided to start “pretty early and…walk the full [26.2 miles],” says Watkins. While the ordeal took about “ten hours to finish,” the group only stopped at 5, 10, and 20 miles. Watkins says how they “could start feeling the pain at about 23 miles but… finished the rest without any breaks.” As well as pushing themselves physically, Watkins noted how fun it was to work hard for something and reap the benefits of a job well done afterward. While it was difficult at some points, Watkins remarks how “it wasn’t as bad as [she] expected and definitely [turned out] pretty cool.” When so many doors have been closed due to this pandemic, it is essential to take chances and try something new. 

Keep in mind walking a marathon is not the only thing to do if you need a new workout idea: there are millions of simple ways to stay active from the comfort of your back yard. One thing that Casady athletics has been doing to encourage athletes to stay in shape is a set-aside workout time in the new Middle Division schedule. PE and Middle Division coaches get to frequently meet with students and discuss workout plans as well as share the ways they have been staying active. This time gives students a chance to ask for advice from their coaches as well as hear new and interesting activity choices from their peers. While it is obviously not the same as a PE class or team sport, seeing their friends only encourages students to exercise and play more. In the Upper Division, spring season coaches have also been sharing their expertise and exercise regimes with their players. From a set of ab workouts all the way to complex training methods, coaches have continued to help and motivate their athletes to get better every day. Although it is tough to not have competitive play, with the help of our Casady coaches, spring season has definitely not been a waste. I think it is safe to say that the “body” aspect of mind, body, and spirit is very alive in the Casady community!