Pirate Family Fun Awaits You at Peter and the Starcatcher


With the end of the winter trimester quickly approaching, so is the Upper Division play. This year, the theater department will debut Peter and the Starcatcher, a childhood prequel and explanation of the origins of Peter Pan. The show will star Casady Theater regulars Nicolas Moore (‘20) and Caroline Terrell (‘20) in the roles of Peter and Molly Aster, the 13-year-old adventurists and protagonists of the show. In contrast, fan-favorite Noah Youmans (‘20) will take on the role of the Black Stache, ancestor of all-time favorite villain Captain Hook. Like Peter Pan, this production is jam-packed with action, comedy, and heart.

Director Andi Dema describes “how everybody gets to share their own part of the story. It’s a bunch of people coming together to create one awesome story,” in reference to the very small and personal feeling this show provides. Not only is the audience involved through the humor of this show, both verbal and physical, but with only fifteen actors on stage, the entire setting is brought to life in all corners. When not delivering lines or singing, actors are given the opportunity to weave themselves into the scene as props, scenery or even the set itself using a rope or their bodies. In almost every single scene, the entire cast is on stage and actively participating, regardless of who is speaking.

Technical director Kourtney McQuade, along with her class of students, has created storytelling heaven inside Fee Theater, utilizing playground equipment and wooden platforms to transform the stage into two exquisite locations. With teeter-totters, pirate ships, and even a slide, the fun begins the moment the curtain rises. Not only is this set incredible to look at, it’s pretty fun to play on, too! When asked about cast and audience interaction, Dema explains, “each actor gets to portray their silliness to the fullest, so hopefully, there’s a lot of laughter, and a lot of sweet moments.” He goes on to tell how the cast is truly “fueled by the audience’s reactions [and] it thrives with an audience,” leaving Dema waiting patiently for opening night. With such a small and intimate show, it is essential that every member of the ensemble stays locked in with the audience to keep the energy up. From a laugh to a tear, the audience and actors move as one from scene to scene, enjoying each new moment as it comes together.

Not only is this show great for a laugh, but it is also heartwarming, and completely family-friendly. If you have ever dreamed of living on a pirate ship or a remote desert island, you are in luck. There’s sword-fights, pirate shanties, and swashbuckling galore (with even a few mermaids thrown in). This show transports you to your wildest and craziest dreams. Let’s just say: Peter Pan, you have met your match! All jokes aside, come see Peter and the Starcatcher February 21st and 22nd at 7:00 pm and February 23rd at 2:00 pm for an evening of magical pirate filled fun!