Krish Mody: The Eighth Grader in Precalculus


Krish Mody (‘24) is an eighth-grader, but he is far more advanced than most kids his age. As a twelve-year-old, he is already a grade ahead. He is also three years more advanced than his grade in math. 

Krish takes Precalculus 2, a course that juniors typically take, and he enjoys it. He considers math a “fun puzzle,” and he enjoys problem-solving. Krish expressed, “If I work hard in [math], I can succeed and do something better for the world.” This mentality is what motivates him to work hard and keep pushing himself. Krish has been taking advanced math classes since fourth grade and he plans to keep moving forward. 

Krish’s parents realized that he was good at math at a young age. His mom used to pretend to buy things for him, and she would ask him to tell her how much change she would get back. His parents noticed that he enjoyed it, so they encouraged him to continue with math. He began with Khan Academy and kept going from there. 

Math seems to come easy to Krish. Even in Precalculus, he isn’t finding it too difficult, and he regards it as fun. Since Krish is in eighth grade, he has to commute across the lake from the middle division to the upper division to attend his class. He told me that one time he arrived late, but still managed to finish one of Mr. Halpern’s quizzes (which are infamous for their difficulty and lengthiness) on time. Krish understands the concepts very well and he doesn’t need to study a lot. Doing the homework helps him grasp the material, so by the time assessments come around, he simply needs to look over his notes for ten to twenty minutes.

Krish wants to succeed. He told me that if he can, he would like to double up on math classes next year. Even though he is already ahead, he wants to get as big of a lead as possible in order to help the world in the future. Krish is a brilliant kid who is willing to put in all the work necessary to achieve success in the future.