A New Year, a New Upper Division Schedule


The start of every new year brings exciting and different challenges, but one especially intriguing at Casady School this year is a brand new schedule for the Upper Division. Before, the day was structured in a way that all classes would meet everyday with a 7 period schedule and optional time at the end known as the double. This changed up schedule utilizes block periods in a rotation, meaning that unlike the previous schedule classes will not meet every day.

Based on this, a class will only meet 4 or 5 days out of 6 at the teachers discretion. This is because of one of the most significant changes: the addition of two spaces called the X25 and X55. Both spaces allow teachers the flexibility of either extending their class time to 80 minutes once a week or choosing to meet 5 out of 6 days per rotation at normal length. Conversely, if a teacher chooses to take the 25, class will only be held 4 days out of 6. With these added spaces in a day, teachers are given the ability to add fun activities at the end of their class (using the x25), or are able to keep a tighter schedule and strong communication with students (using the x55).

Although every significant change takes some getting used to, many students have been able to adapt well, including myself.  As a freshman last year, it was slightly terrifying having to learn a schedule that it seems everyone around me knew already, so going through this transition as a division is incredibly comforting to newcomers and the incoming 9th graders.

Something that is important to remember is that not only is this a substantial adjustment for us students, but it is also totally transforming for teachers and upper administration, as well. Everyone in our community is adapting to and taking advantage of the changes we have been given in our day to day school/work life to create a special kind of learning environment.

On the other hand, one thing that I know has been a large adjustment is the lack of bells or passing time between classes. At the beginning of the year, getting to class on time is already a chaotic endeavor, but is seems for the time being the lack of bells has not improved students’ ability to do this. Putting aside this small wrinkle, I believe the new schedule preserves what the Casady mission of mind, body and spirit means, as we still attend chapel and participate in sports every day.