Casady Environmental Club: A Vision for the Future


Hope Bryer-Ash recycling in RecordsYou’ve likely heard about all the grim prognostications for the Earth in the coming decades. With the time running out to reverse these issues, it falls on our generation to not contribute to our own demise. Luckily, the Environmental Club is doing its best to ensure the Casady community is eco-friendly. I sat down with Mr. Delgrosso to find out what the club has been up to lately.

The club has been recycling for the school for a few years now (you’ve probably spotted the big blue bins around campus). Recently, the club has started recycling plastic. Reusing as much plastic as possible is a major way to help the environment, as it takes a plastic bottle upwards of 450 years to biodegrade.

Unfortunately, only about 10 percent of the plastic produced is recycled. No matter how much plastic is recycled, there will always be more waste if it keeps being produced and used. This is why one of the Environmental Club’s potential goals for the upcoming years is to limit the use of plastic at Casady. Multitudes of water bottles are thrown away after events like Walkathon and sporting events. This could easily be solved by distributing water in less destructive ways, like using paper cups, or encouraging reusable bottle usage.

As for the club’s other concerns: composting and controlling the food waste in Calvert are also high on the list. Many people do not finish their lunch every day, and Mr. Delgrosso would like to find out ways to use the waste created in a positive way. Composting could be a rewarding task for the community.

Change starts with you. According to Mr. Delgosso, one way you could help the world (excluding reducing plastic use) is by reducing the amount of water you use. For example, you could waste 2 gallons or more of water if you leave the faucet on while you brush your teeth. If everyone made more conscientious choices, they could make a big impact.