Teacher Feature: The Scoville Family


Can you guess which Casady couple excelled in athletics while attending college in Northwest Oklahoma? The Scovilles, of course! This dynamic duo has taught at Casady for a combined 30 years and have impacted many students’ lives both academically and athletically.

Mrs. Scoville teaches 5th grade English, while Mr. Scoville teaches 6th grade math and coaches varsity football. They have two sons at Casady: Kyler, who is a freshman, and Kellen, who is in pre-k. They also have an Australian Shepherd, Cooper, and Lucky, a stray cat that won’t leave. Mr. and Mrs. Scoville enjoy their weekends watching Kyler and Kellen compete in sports, riding bikes, and having a movie and game night. They also enjoy sharing family time traveling, fishing, and camping.  This summer, the Scoville family will be traveling through Wyoming and visiting Calgary, Canada.

Mrs. Scoville was born in Casper, Wyoming and grew up in a small farming community in Western Oklahoma. She loved living on a farm and playing outdoors. As a child, she spent her days exploring the farm, playing basketball, and riding her bike. Her favorite childhood books were the Goosebumps series, and she loved Charlotte’s Web because she related to the character Fern. Mrs. Scoville’s favorite subject has always been language arts, and she has always loved school. As a little girl, she would play school at home and teach lessons to her dolls. If Mrs. Scoville had not become a teacher, she might have pursued being a travel photographer, as she enjoyed the beautiful photography of the National Geographic magazine and thinks traveling the world taking photos would be a really cool job. 

The teacher who had the biggest influence on Mrs. Scoville was her high school basketball coach, Mr. Graham. Not only did she play basketball in high school, she also played all four years of college while earning her degree in elementary education. Mr. Scoville shared that Mrs. Scoville used to be the all time assist leader in basketball at Northwestern Oklahoma State, and that he has never beaten her in a game of PIG. Mrs. Scoville’s expertise at basketball helped the Lady Cyclones when she was an assistant coach during 2001-2004, and they won SPC four years in a row.

Mrs. Scoville began her teaching career at Casady 14 years ago.  She was drawn to teaching English because she enjoys the progression of her students as they make connections to stories and become better readers. She finds joy in reading her students’ stories, loves poetry, and loves being at Casady, saying, “I feel so blessed to be able to work at Casady with such fantastic co-workers, a beautiful campus, and of course with some pretty outstanding students.” She encourages her students to always be humble and kind to one another. Mrs. Scoville loves teaching with her family nearby, and hopes to be remembered as a kind and genuine person.

Mr. Scoville also enjoys teaching at the same school with his family, where he appreciates being able to know his children’s teachers and friends. He was born in Woodward, Oklahoma and graduated from Deer Creek High School. As a student, he was shy and hated public speaking, but received good grades, and was athletic. Growing up, Mr. Scoville played football, basketball, and track. He also enjoyed riding horses, skateboarding, and fishing. He preferred reading fantasy novels and his favorite subject has always been science. He attended college at Northwestern Oklahoma State where he majored in kinesiology. 

After college, he worked in medical sales until a strength coach at Casady, Lance Walker, asked if Mr. Scoville would be interested in coaching, and Mrs. Larsen hired him to teach math. Being a teacher was a natural fit for Mr. Scoville, as he was inspired by his mom, who was an educator for over twenty years. This is his 16th year teaching at Casady and his 11th season as the head football coach. Mr. Scoville enjoys the competitiveness of football, as he said, “I love seeing players compete in practice and games and seeing how that competition makes them more confident as they grow older.” He began playing football in 7th grade and continued playing throughout college, and the confidence he gained from the sport changed his life. His athleticism went beyond football, as he also played basketball in high school and track in college. If he had not become a teacher, he thinks he would have pursued a career in sports medicine or accounting. 

Mr. Scoville finds the Middle Division to be fun and enjoys how the students and teachers have high energy, good attitudes, and are hardworking. The most important lesson Mr. Scoville teaches his students is: “Failure is your best teacher as long as you never ever, ever quit!” Mr. Scoville hopes to be remembered as being a good husband, father, teacher and colleague. The Scovilles are grateful to be part of Casady, as Mr. Scoville said, “Casady is special. The administration, faculty, staff, but most importantly the students are all spectacular and I am very thankful my family and I get to be a part of it.” Students of the Scovilles know that they are part of what makes this school special, and we are thankful for this family’s sincerity, humor, and tenacity.