Casady’s Spring Fling: Where Student Creativity is Celebrated


On Thursday, April 25th, members of the Casady community gathered to celebrate an evening of the arts, in which students with work in all mediums were able to showcase their talent. The Casady band, choir, and orchestra performed everything from legendary movie soundtracks and biblical psalms to original Native American musical compositions. Reminiscing over one of Casady orchestra’s most memorable years, Aria Nanda (’22) spoke on why she loves performing: “I loved playing the music we played in Ireland and getting to share it at Spring Fling. Being able to work with the band and choir is so fun, and Spring Fling is an event to look forward to every year.”

After listening to the orchestra and choir’s performance of Psalm 23, Christian Owen (’20) had this to say about the recital: “I loved getting to watch the collaboration with the choir, band, and orchestra. I thought it was very representative of Casady, being able to come together to achieve something special.”

Aside from beautiful musical performances from both Middle and Upper Division, two-dimensional and three-dimensional art from both divisions were put on display. Everything, from intricate analog and digital photography, to ornate works of clay and pottery caught the eyes of many there.

Above all else, Spring Fling is a chance to become more supportive of many of the talents that Casady students all across campus hold. Very rarely does one have the opportunity to hear a live musical composition from Mark O’Connor and a live performance of “Say it Ain’t So” by Weezer, all while enjoying outside festivities and quality food trucks with friends and family.  That’s exactly what the Spring Fling is all about. Brennan Wade (’21) articulated this notion very well: “Seeing the Casady community come together to celebrate both the arts, and simply each other, is an incredible experience.”