A New Future for Casady Swimming


A sport that the Casady community does not always get the privilege of watching and hearing about is swimming. As winter is the shortest season, and meets are often far away, not everyone gets to experience the intensity and exciting competition. I sat down to talk to first year swimming coach and Upper Division math teacher, Mrs. Valerie Russell, to discuss her plans for the rest of the season, overall feel for the team, and what makes this year so incredible and different for the program.

“I believe there are more SPC qualifiers this year than ever before.[…], which is something I am really excited about.” Women’s swimmers qualifying this year include Sara Anderson (‘19), Sophia Hellman (’22) and Anna Ungvari (‘22), along with Edison Lu (‘22), Samuel Jun (‘20), Teddy Jacobson (‘20) and Jack Naifeh (‘22) for the men’s side.

Qualifying means that these athletes were able to get under whatever the required time was for their event, whether it be single or team. “We have thirteen swimmers who work hard everyday, which is really impressive. […] Our team has basically doubled since last year–something that is super exciting to me.”

Russell says the effort her members put in everyday is the reason for their success now, and the future success that they will find at SPC. “I can’t really speak to the history since this is my first year coaching, but I’m pretty sure this is the most swimmers we have had swimming for SPC. [A fact that will truly make] this year one to remember.”

So please take the opportunity to witness these amazing athletes compete, “because several of these swimmers have really improved their personal records this year!” The size and enthusiasm of Casady’s 2019 Swim Team promises a season of growth and performance, so be sure to attend a meet!