Student Spotlight: Off the Court with Rising Star of Girls Basketball, Modesti McConnell


If you have been to a girl’s basketball game this year, you have heard the name Modesti McConnell. She runs down the court, scores, and before you know it, there are 60 points on the board. The game is fast, purposeful, loud, and amazing to watch. Screams, silence, and cheers surround every single person in the gym, no matter what team is the opponent. It is a wonderful and mind boggling experience to watch this girl play!

I sat down with Modesti to talk about dreams for the future, team dynamics, and more. When asked about the experience as a freshman varsity starter, she says: “It’s very exciting; [so]I don’t find it intimidating at all. It’s what I’ve worked hard for.” Any supporter of the team can see Modesti’s skill and confidence as she shoots threes and races around the court. “However, I don’t take it for granted, and that’s why I continue to put in work and do what I can each day to help my team get better.”

She, like her name, is modest and humble, but knows what she wants for the rest of the season and beyond. With SPC and tournaments galore coming up, it’s great to have your eye on the prize. “I look forward to more wins and opportunities to elevate Casady girls basketball this season.” With this in mind, I asked her how the team is molding together and what the general dynamic was. “We’re trying to come together as a cohesive unit to be the best team we can be.”

Modesti McConnell is for sure a magnificent addition to the Casady community not only in basketball, but in everything she does. It will be incredible to see what is in store for the Casady Girls basketball team as they flourish and grow together this season!