Teacher Feature: The McEwens


Mr. And Mrs. McEwen have been a part of the Primary Division for the past thirteen years. In fact, it was while teaching at Casady that they met. It’s natural for the McEwens to teach together since they’ve always worked in the same building with each other. Mrs. McEwen teaches Pre-K language, while Mr. McEwen has been the assistant director for the Primary Division, which is a position that was created this past January. 

Mrs. McEwen grew up in Waukomis, Oklahoma and described herself as “pretty girly” for a girl who was raised on a farm with horses, cows, pigs, and other animals. As a child, she loved to swim and read, sometimes even staying up past her bedtime to finish her latest book. Mrs. McEwen’s favorite book as a child was Ramona the Pest.

After graduating high school, with a class of only 26 students, she attended Oklahoma State University. During her sophomore year, she took a class on early childhood development, and that’s when she knew she wanted to become a teacher. Mrs. McEwen said, “I love teaching in the primary because while we all have the same philosophy, we are free to put our individual stamp on our work.” Her favorite memory of teaching is reading Miss Nelson is Missing to her each of her classes every year. It has now become a well-loved tradition and a favorite of her students. She has even dressed up as Miss Nelson for Halloween.

She appreciates being part of the Casady community, as she said, “Casady is a wonderful place for children to receive an excellent education, but also a community where you can build great relationships that will last forever.” Mrs. McEwen would like to be remembered for trying to instill a love of learning in all of her students, while making sure they feel loved as well.

Mr. McEwen was born in Oklahoma and attended 11 different schools around Oklahoma, North Carolina, and Virginia before graduating from high school. He was a quiet child with a vivid imagination who loved reading and movies. His favorite childhood book was, Where the Sidewalk Ends.

When Mr. McEwen was in college, he played guitar in some bands, and after college, he lived in Italy. Mr. McEwen thinks he always knew he wanted to teach, but it was the movie School of Rock that encouraged him to enroll in education classes. He is continuing to learn more about teaching and how it affects children’s development. Mr. McEwen appreciates the Montessori approach to learning, as he said, “Allowing the children time to pursue their work in depth and follow their interests is inspiring.” His favorite teaching memory is when a student figures out they can write or read a word. “It is usually followed by a spontaneous explosion of work. Their excitement is infectious and unforgettable.” He also enjoys watching the amazing things his former students are doing and hopes that they always stay in touch. Mr. McEwen would like to be known as someone who was kind towards others, while also enjoying a good laugh. 

During this Thanksgiving season, the McEwens will enjoy time with their two daughters–4 year old Cora Sue and 4 month old Annie Lucille. They also have two dogs, a border collie mix named Lola, and a Maltese poodle named Jack Tripper. Mr. and Mrs. McEwen are both grateful to work together at Casady. Mr. McEwen said, “ We are incredibly thankful for our school. What started as a part-time job has become the place I met my wife–and now our child is here! The Casady community has always been so supportive and nurturing. I am thankful every day for this place and the people in our lives.” The numerous Casady students who have been taught by the McEwens are also thankful for their loving, kind guidance.