First Grade’s Annual Christmas Concert


It’s that time of the year again: you hear the familiar ring of the Salvation Army bell outside your local Walmart. You can’t drive down the street without seeing a car decorated with a red Rudolph nose and reindeer antlers. The holiday season has arrived. Each year during this time, we get the pleasure of a Christmas performance from Casady’s first grade. This year, the students will perform on Friday, December 14th in St. Edward’s Chapel for the Lower, Middle, and Upper divisions. Of course, they will be dressed in the traditional red-sweater attire.

The students have been hard at work for quite some time now; Mrs. Ashlynn Dickinson, the mastermind behind the annual concert, says that the students began learning the music in October and gradually added rhymes, rhythms, and instruments. A week prior to the concert, the whole first grade will assemble to rehearse in order to grow more comfortable with singing in a large group.

The first grade has a variety of songs prepared. You can look forward to some classics, like “Silent Night.” The setlist also includes “Holidays are Here” and “A Chubby Little Snowman.” Additionally, the first grade has prepared a Japanese piece called “Yuki,” during which the students play xylophones to accompany their singing.

I had an opportunity to talk to the young performers about their concert and some of their favorite things about Christmastime:

What would you like to receive from Santa this year?

Robbie Lawrence (‘30): A kindle fire. Not because I like to read. I like to play games.

Max Thompson (‘30): A snake! A ball python. Don’t worry, it’s very small.

Scout Farmer (‘30): Don’t laugh at me, but a baby brother or sister.

Emma Freeman (‘30): Squishies. I have a cupcake and a strawberry and a dinosaur and a kitty already.

Marli Crawford (‘30) said that she would like jewels for Christmas, and both Asher Watson (‘30) and Wyatt Blassingame (‘30) wished for Lego sets.

What is the Christmas song you’re most excited to perform?

Scout Farmer: “Holidays are Here” because it’s just really fun to sing. I like singing with all my friends.

Robbie Lawrence: “Silent Night,” but I’m a little bit nervous because I laugh every time I sing it.

What do you love most about the Christmas season?

Jordan Matlock (‘30): I love that we get to open presents on God’s birthday.

Olivia Wells (‘30) and Benjamin Kos (‘30): Presents and spending time with family.

Avery Martin (’30): Leaving out cookies and milk for Santa is so fun!

Max Thompson: I love Christmas because you get presents and what you actually get is a mystery. One time, I wished for a lizard, but I got leopard gecko.

With almost three months of rehearsal under their belts, the first graders are well equipped to put on a successful performance. We look forward to enjoying their concert soon this holiday season!