Little Shop of Horrors Fall Preview


As we near one of our nation’s favorite and most terrifying holidays, Casady’s Theatre Department brings their own spooky little treat for the Casady community. As previously mentioned in an earlier article for The Crier, Little Shop of Horrors is the big feature for Casady’s fall production. A horror comedy filled with sarcasm, death, and all the 60s bops anyone could ever want, Little Shop of Horrors is a show you do not want to miss. Rated PG-13 for a little cursing and comedic violence, it’s still a show for the whole family with its exciting technical features and vibrant colors.

The show begins in urban Skid Row where a meek florist named Seymour Krelborn works with his surrogate father, Mr. Mushnik, and his crush, the timid, but beautiful, Audrey. As the shop’s business deteriorates even more, Seymour decides it is time to showcase his pride and joy, the new plant Audrey II. Quickly the singing and animated plant brings success to the shop and promises to give Seymour anything he could ever want in exchange for one simple thing… HUMAN BLOOD! Who knows what good can come with that? As director Mr. Andi Dema puts it, “hilarity and dark deeds ensue, making this the perfect show for the Halloween season!”

As this show features newcomer Samuel Jun (‘20) as the Voice of the Plant, I sat down with him to ask about how it feels to take on his first role almost behind the scenes.  Jun claimed, “ A good connection between puppet and voice will be essential to bring the most out of a truly out-of-this-world character. Also putting myself into a mindset that I am still very involved and present with the characters onstage will help to bridge the gap between other actors and myself.” He also noted that he is incredibly excited to see the puppets that will become his voice on stage and “can’t wait to finally put a face to the voice and truly bring a prominent and frightening aspect to the musical.”

In addition to Samuel, the show will bring other new faces such as Tim Bryer-Ash (‘18) as Orin Scrivello, DDS, and freshmen Carson Buffalo (‘22) as Mr. Mushnik. The show also includes The Ronettes narrating and singing us through the show, featuring returning leads Kaili Nguyen (‘19)and Kate Williams (‘19), as well as first timers Phoebe Jun (‘22), Savannah Shelton (‘22), Sophia Dykstra (‘21), and myself, Katie Spiropoulos (‘22).

Be there Halloween opening night for a costume contest, as well as pre-show pictures and candy with our star Audrey II! Get your tickets on the Casady website now for October 31 and November 1 and 3 at 7:00. This show looks like one for the books and is definitely not something you want to miss!