Casady Defeats Oakridge 19-17


The Casady Cyclones football team achieved their first conference win of the season over Oakridge, winning 19-17 . The win put the Cyclones at a record of 2-3 (1-1 in conference play). The Cyclones stopped Oakridge’s late comeback attempt and sealed the game on a two-point conversion defensive stand. I asked two of the team captains, Nick Armoudian (‘19) and Preston Parsons (‘19) a few questions after the game.

Nick Armoudian:

Q: What was going through your mind on your long touchdown run?                         A: My stomach felt heavy and I realized I shouldn’t have eaten so much Chick-Fil-A.

Q: What went right this game compared to the other games?                                 A: Our offensive line carried the team. They played their hearts out and allowed the skill position players to make plays and get done what needed to get done.

Q: How did playing your first game as a team captain feel?                                     A: I still don’t feel like a captain to be honest. I’m proud of the way everyone performed and I hope we can continue to get done what is needed to get done.

Preston Parsons:

Q: How does it feel getting the first SPC win of the season?                                    A: It’s one of the best feelings in the world to know with this win we are in a good position for getting to the SPC championship.

Q: What was going through your mind on the two-point conversion attempt which decided the game?                                                                                                       A: Right before the snap I was nervous because I realized that this was the last play of the game and all our hard work of the previous week had come down to this one play.

Q: How did you guys hold off Oakridge late comeback attempt?                             A: We held off their comeback attempt by working as one unit. Everyone came together and executed their assignments perfectly on the last two point conversion to seal the deal.

The Cyclone’s win over Oakridge has arguably been their best moment of the young season so far. As Preston Parsons stated, they came together as a team and made a play. The Cyclones hope to carry this momentum on for the rest of the season and continue to improve as they face a tough schedule ahead.