No More Paper Forms: New App Tracks Service Learning Efforts


Service learning is an important aspect of the Casady culture. Technology is now helping Casady students track their service efforts through the free app MobileServe. Upper division students can transfer past service hours into the app and log new service learning experiences with just a few clicks.

“[MobileServe] can also create a professional service resume to accompany college applications,” explains Ms. Cherylynn O’Melia, Casady’s new Director of Service Learning and Student Activities. “Many colleges and universities use MobileServe. Casady service hours can be continued into college without an interruption in the [student’s] story.”

MobileServe also allows users to upload photos and reflect on their “story” of community engagement. The app encourages posting about service learning on other social media platforms. Users can directly share their story to networks like Facebook and Twitter. The most valuable feature for Casady upper division students is the ability to record, verify, and track their service learning. MobileServe gets rid of filling out paper forms. Using their cellphones, students can access the app to record their service hours. Verifying is also made easy for the service organization by inputting a few details and a signature right on the student’s phone. The process is simple and only takes a few minutes.

Ms. O’Melia is working to expand community service opportunities school-wide. Casady service projects take students off campus to help people of all ages. Students serve in a variety of ways, from mentoring and tutoring children, to spending time with senior citizens. On-campus service projects include hosting an annual food drive, packing backpacks with school supplies, and organizing a blood drive. MobileServe will help the Casady community share their “story” of service to others.

As said by Ms. O’Melia, “We receive far more than we give by serving others. Simple acts of service restore our faith in humanity and bless our hearts. Often lifetime friendships blossom and continue beyond our years at Casady.”

Casady is fortunate to now have MobileService as it strives to become a more service-centered school, and students should take advantage of this new tool as they give back to the community.