Off Campus Eats: Saturn Grill


Located a quick seven minute drive from Casady on Western in Nichols Hills Plaza, Saturn Grill is the perfect spot for a low-key lunch with amazing food. It offers meals that never exceed $15, and have the quality of a sit-down restaurant with the speed of a fast food chain. Aside from these perks, Saturn Grill’s biggest asset is its ability to please everyone. With Tame Impala playing softly through the speakers, red wine sold by the glass, and kids cheese pizzas on the menu, there’s no question why there’s a line to the door during the lunch rush. Aside from what a bustling, family friendly ambiance can offer, what really keeps you coming back is the food.

Squeezed tightly between Starbucks and Organic Squeeze, its raw brick and white-tile backsplash is reminiscent of New York’s soho district and bring the food with it. The menu at Saturn Grill has offered vegetarian and vegan options for years, presenting soups, salads, pastas, and pizzas with fresh ingredients prepared right in front of you in their open kitchen. However, their most famous menu item is their sandwiches. With 12 famous sandwiches, there is something for everyone and anything can be removed or added. But not just that. What truly makes these sandwiches famous is their bread. Their flatbread is “cooked to order with every sandwich” and taken “from dough to bread every time.” This bread is truly something to dream about. It’s not two flimsy, characteristically stale pieces of pita trying to call themselves a sandwich, but two fluffy, thick pieces of fresh bread that look like dough from a picture book, but are cooked perfectly. My go-to sandwich is #12: The Spicy Turkey. In this sandwich the swiss melts perfectly over the plush bread and mixes with the red chile flake mayo and the fresh, caramelized onions and  jalapenos. The “all natural antibiotic free whole muscle” turkey breast is accompanied by the perfect amount of bacon and arrives hot with their signature potato salad (although this can be substituted). Each warm bite is washed down by a cool soda and followed by their homemade desserts. Although their cupcakes don’t compare to Green Goodies or Sprinkles, their brownie with ganache, mocha chocolate chip, and strawberry cupcakes offer unique flavors that are light enough to follow a homey, hearty meal. With so many different choices, the idea of going for lunch everyday is not out of the question. Whether you’re in the pasta, pizza, or sandwich mood, Saturn Grill offers savory meals that leave you completely satisfied.