Mr. Marley: Nuclear Engineer, Submariner, and Grandpa


You might know him as the new nuclear engineer math teacher, or have simply seen his unfamiliar white mustached face on campus for the first time. His name is Mr. Marley, a recent addition to Casady’s UD math department. I sat down with Mr. Marley to learn more about who is he is, and what he hopes to achieve as a Cyclone.

Q: Where are you from and where did you go to school?
A: My father was in the Air Force, so my hometown is a lot of different places (because we traveled a lot). I was born in Wyoming, spent a lot of time in Massachusetts, grew up in the Philippines, and then in Alabama before I went to college. I went to to Duke University for my undergraduate experience (yes, I am a Duke basketball fan). I had a ROTC scholarship to attend Duke. My undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Science in Engineering, which I majored in Mechanical Engineering, with power engineering being my specialty. The navy then took me and gave me a nuclear power education. After I got off active duty in the Navy, I then went to the University of Notre Dame and I obtained by MBA.

Q: What jobs did you hold prior to teaching?                                                              A:  I served as an officer on the nuclear power submarine. In part of my tour, I taught new sailors how to operate a nuclear power plant. After the navy, my first job was at a commercial nuclear power plant where I basically wrote their training system to be like the navy system. Beyond doing structural and curriculum development, I got two programs nationally certified. I was a peer evaluator to certify the training programs at other nuclear power plants. I went to work on renewable energy projects. I worked on solar, geothermal, hydrothermal, waste energy, waste coal, and a variety of other conventional fossil fuel power plants, working with utilities, utility affiliates, and working for independent power producers, and even working with my own company.

Q: I have heard rumors that you have lived on submarines from students in your class. Will you confirm or deny?                                                                                A: I was on active duty on submarines for about six years. The longest assignment onboard a submarine was at Charleston for forty months. At that time, I spent thirty two underwater. The longest I have been underwater is two and a half months. That was a significant mission where we left Charleston, submerged, and resurfaced two and a half months later. We went pretty far. There was a lot to do to maintain the submarine. If you’re not on watch, you’re training or maintenance. Every once in awhile, they’d actually let you sleep.

Q: Why did you choose to become a teacher?                                                            A: About three years ago, my wife wanted to move to Oklahoma from Houston to be with our grandsons. My daughter-in-law convinced me that Oklahoma needed teachers. I’ve always enjoyed teaching. I taught in the navy, and actually taught sailors how to teach in instructor training. I went through the certification program in Oklahoma at UCO, and became certified in math and science.

Q: What draws you to math and science?                                                                  A: I was always good at, and therefore, liked, math and science. I think one of the gifts I have been blessed with is the ability to explain complex topics. I enjoy teaching because I can take something very complicated and explain it so somebody else can understand it.

Q: Why did you come to Casady?                                                                              A: I was teaching mostly science at Crossings, but they kept pushing me toward teaching science. It’s hard to find teachers, especially science teachers. As much as I like science, I actually like math more. That was my first love. I was on my high school math team. I always enjoyed math. The opportunity came to light that there was an opening for a math teacher here, so I decided I would purse teaching math.

Q: How has your experience on campus been so far?                                                A: This has been a wonderful experience. They have the Teacher Indoctrination Program, or the TIP program, where they basically tell you about the culture and the rules. That makes it very easy to hit the ground running, and be able to understand the culture here at Casady.

Q: What are your hopes for the students who take your class?                                A: For the ones that have yet to enjoy math and might be  possibly intimidated by it, I hope I can explain it so they are not anymore. And even if they don’t love math, they can at least deal with it so it’s not stress-inducing.

Fun Facts                                                                                                                  Favorite Restaurant?: Billy Sim’s BBQ                                                                              Favorite Movie?: Top Gun because I had schoolmates at Duke who ended up being F-14 pilots, and that was the airplane in the movie, and then obviously The Hunt for Red October because it’s about submarines.                                                                            Favorite place you’ve been?: In the surface of the middle of the ocean, whether it be Atlantic or Pacific. It’s such an amazing place to be.