The Best Television of March 2018


Ford Watkins, Politics Editor

With a new year comes new entertainment. Luckily, in 2018, we have been privileged to have some of the greatest creative minds in Hollywood working on new series, movies, and more. In March, however, we have been even luckier to get a plethora of season renewals and new episodes alike. Here are my favorite picks for the series of the month:

Silicon Valley

On March 25th, at 9:00 Central Standard Time, I was as elated as any HBO hermit. It was there. The first episode in the fifth season of Mike Judge’s Silicon Valley was ready to be viewed. The modern comedy about a brilliant start-up that constantly finds itself in hapless situations while also critiquing some of the real Silicon Valley’s evident corruptness premiered “Grow Fast or Die Slow,” and it was just as good as the last 38 episodes.


In this HBO series that is already formulating itself as a classic, Bill Hader stars as Barry Berkman, a despondent hitman who travels to L.A. for business (murder), follows his target to an acting class and falls in love with acting. Very few in Hollywood can reticulate action, drama, and comedy. Hader shows that he can. Not only does Barry exceed expectations in visuals and cinematography, but the writing is absolutely brilliant.

Better Call Saul

In Breaking Bad’s vigorous legal spinoff, Bob Odenkirk stars as Jim McGill, a precarious lawyer who eventually becomes Saul Goodman, Better Call Saul has returned for a third season. Filled with Breaking Bad Easter eggs and vital characters shared between both shows, Better Call Saul is without a doubt more upbeat than Breaking Bad. If you are a Breaking Bad fan, there’s a good chance you’ll like BCS just as much, but in a very different way. You can stream season 3 on Netflix.


Donald Glover’s brainchild Atlanta is some of the most humorous, powerful, and awakening television one can watch. Following the career of an up-and-coming rapper Paper Boi (Bryan Tyree Henry), his cousin-manager Earn (Donald Glover), Earn’s “girlfriend” and someone with which he created a child with(Zazie Beetz)and their friends (Lakeith Stanfield and others), the show highlights multiple subjects that many others can’t, like the juxtaposition whilst living in both the limelight and in poverty-stricken areas, white privilege, familial dilemmas. The visual work, soundtrack, script (which is mainly credited to Donald’s brother, Stephen), and acting is refreshing. So far, season 2 has been perfectly different.

Hopefully, at least one of these recommendations suits your taste in entertainment, if not, there’s a myriad of more shows to choose from premiering in March alone.