Pink Out 2017


Annually, Casady’s girls volleyball team hosts the Pink Out event in October to support breast cancer awareness and the search for a cure. The varsity team challenges teachers and faculty to a volleyball game (best two-out-of-three matches). At the game, anyone can watch and enjoy the bake sale nearby. This year, a good turnout of parents and students made time for the event on Wednesday, October 18th. Some kids even stopped by for a little dessert before dinner, prior to heading home. Reagan Dahlgren (18’), a varsity volleyball player, said,“I love Pink Out because it’s a way to do something bigger than ourselves while still having fun [and] playing against faculty!”

This year, the event raised approximately three-thousand dollars in funds. The t-shirts, designed by the volleyball team, make the most profit. Almost every student chips in for a shirt and can wear them at school on the game day. Additionally this year, the girl’s wanted to get innovative and bring a new element to the event. Together, they organized an online fundraising page that saw a lot of success. Dahlgren (’18) hopes to see the fundraising page next year, since the page makes donating so accessible. She also added that “it’s important to keep doing this every year because almost everyone knows someone who has been affected by cancer, and this is something we can do to help out.”

The teachers vs. varsity volleyball game sees the most excitement from students by far. Grace Hall (’18), a varsity volleyball player, commented, “It’s fun to play against the teachers because [they] get really into it! I always like seeing which teachers are actually good!” The lineup for the teachers and faculty team showed promise, featuring: coach Gonzaga, coach Moore, Dr. Wardrop, Mr. Banecker, Dr. Torres, Dr. Bishop, Ms. Johnson, and Ms. Perry. The varsity girls team consisted of four-year captains and more fresh legs to back them up: Reagan Dahlgren (18’), Grace Hall (18’), Lauren Uhland (18’), Nika Gorski (18’), Caroline Silver (18’), Anna Payne (19’), AnnaKate Ross (20’), Celine Vuong (20’), Ellen Shafer (21’), and Caroline Hall (21’).

The varsity team had won two matches and were ready to finish, dominating the entire game, when their own head coach joined the other side and intended to play out all three matches. With his leadership and the teachers’ rigor to finish the game strong, the teachers won the last and final match out of three. Overall, the teams made for an amiable and certainly entertaining game. The following Saturday, October 21st, the varsity girls field hockey team wore their Pink Out shirts while warming up for a counter to carry on the tradition of awareness throughout October. We thank girls volleyball for continuing the tradition and bringing more awareness towards our community every year.