Colin Kaepernick is Being Treated Wrongly


President Donald Trump (I have to use that title, because I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to write that) constantly finds new ways to socially, politically, or financially unglue our country every day. This weekend was no exception. At a rally in Huntsville, Alabama, Donald Trump made blatantly clear his distaste towards the National Anthem protests. In fact, Trump said he wished NFL owners would tell anthem protesters to “get that son of a [expletive deleted] off the field right now.”

Obviously, Colin Kaepernick has been the forefront of protesting injustice in the NFL. His defiance has led a number of other players to protest with him, most noticeably by kneeling during the National Anthem. Donald Trump, when making comments like this, is quite literally disregarding the law. The San Francisco 49ers, or any NFL team, is a for-profit organization. They make money off of everything from concessions to jersey sales to YouTube videos. So, if their employees, whether that be their front office or trainers or players, are all under contract. Despite what the contract they sign says, in most states it is illegal to be fired or thrown off the field because of your political beliefs. Also, wearing an item with the American flag on it or using plates/napkins with the American flag is a more serious breach of conduct than kneeling, per the United States Flag Code of Law. Standing is simply recommended.

Oh, and Colin Kaepernick isn’t disrespecting our flag, as Donald Trump said. Anybody who thinks Colin Kaepernick is kneeling for attention actually could not be more incorrect. Kaepernick is standing up for (or kneeling down for) what he believes in. He is being persecuted for the exact reason he is protesting. He is protesting against racial injustice that’s been in America since the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. America is the most free place in the world to live, and Kaepernick should never lose his privileges to a job because of protesting.

Colin Kaepernick is slowly speaking things into existence. In a strange way, he is being an absolute genius; maybe he’s trying to be. Kaepernick is proving how unfair he is being treated because of his political views regarding social injustice. NFL players from all teams this weekend have taken a knee to protest not only our President’s blatant disregard for injustice, but that injustice itself.

I am on Colin Kaepernick’s side. He’s obviously qualified to play. The Jaguars signed Ryan Nassib over him. Ryan Nassib is inactive for week three. Are you kidding me? Ryan Nassib? Still, it’s bigger than Kaepernick signing with a team. This is a nationwide issue, and it seems that football players are more willing to fix it than our President.