Casady’s Girls Basketball: A Firm Foundation For the Future

Photo: JHolland Photography

Basketball season has commenced, and Casady’s girls team has jumped into their first games with hope and a developing sense of confidence. The girls beat Harding Fine Arts (48-18) and Seeworth (58-16) schools. This makes their current record, 2-4, miles ahead of their records in previous seasons, and the team has been feeding off of a positive outlook for this year’s season ever since!

The team turned a once unsuccessful atmosphere into a positive and engaging one by making a daily effort to remain enthusiastic for the coming season. Hallie Reiger (’19) reflected on the victories recalling,“We [were] able to work and play really well as a team and I think it [showed] on the court.” Senior leaders, Caroline Silver (’18) and Sarah Crain (’18), expressed their interest to make the team’s chemistry a priority. In the past, the team consisted of girls with a wide variety of experience, from beginners to those who played since their youth, and the same composition applies to the team today. However, a growing bond between the players has molded the team’s self-image and formed a basis of trust, two key elements to success. Caroline Silver (’18) confessed, “we’re finally starting to know each other’s playing styles,” and concluded that the team could greatly influence future games if they continue to cultivate a natural team rhythm!

Furthermore, the girls basketball team has developed tools to recover from hard fought losses and absorb constructive lessons from their experiences! Sophia Mathis (’21), a new member to the team, candidly expressed, “honestly, even though we don’t like to lose, I feel like it really helps call attention to what we need to work on. Plus, it also brings us closer and stronger as a team!” The girls have recognized their room for improvement, but also see great potential in themselves to meet those expectations. Keep your eyes on Casady’s girls basketball team, they are developing into strong contenders for the SPC.