89er Day: A Casady Tradition Celebrating Oklahoma


On April 22, 1889, 50,000 people lined up to go claim their stake of land on the unassigned territory of Oklahoma.  Better known as “The Land Run of 1889,” this event ignited the start of the state of Oklahoma.  In half of a day, Oklahoma City and Guthrie were heavily established towns.

Harper’s Weekly writes: “At twelve o’clock on Monday, April 22d, the resident population of Guthrie was nothing; before sundown it was at least ten thousand. In that time streets had been laid out, town lots staked off, and steps taken toward the formation of a municipal government.”

By the second week of establishment, schools were started.  Within a single month, Oklahoma City had five banks and six newspapers.

It even gave our state university a fascinating college mascot.  Today, 89er day is celebrated with parades all throughout Oklahoma. At Casady, we are no stranger to the history of our great state either.  Every year, the lower division students celebrate by participating in a myriad of different activities.  All the students dress in their best 1889 Midwestern clothing, play games, take pictures, and learn about Land Run Day.

The talented students also have multiple performances, including singing and re-enactment.  The highlight of the day, of course, is a real Land Run, when students get to run out onto the field and stake their claim.  They then have a fantastic picnic outside to cap off the day.

89er day is one of the highlights every year for lower division students at Casady, and shows the vibrant ways students learn, even from a young age.