Kickball Tournament – Jackson Stewart ’24, Krish Vasan ’24, and Jake Woody ’24


This year the Casady Middle Division is doing a kickball tournament. The four contestants are the four houses: Woolsey, Kelly, Martin, and Taber. They have had a playoff for each grade. Woolsey won two grades, Martin won one, and Taber won one. The prefects then chose an all-star team.

The all-star team includes the 5th graders, the 6th graders, the 7th graders, and the 8th graders. The brackets look like this: Taber vs. Martin, then Woolsey vs. Kelly. The winners go to the championship, like in a normal tournament.

However, before we get too deep into that, there was a tournament for each grade. 5th grade first, 6th grade second, 7th grade third, and 8th grade last. Each house won a grade.

Maybe, if you are in lower division, you will play kickball. It is fun and it is a way to get healthy. It can be tiring if you have a small team, though. 5th grade Taber had a small team. It was super fun and we hope you can do it too.

In conclusion it was a great experience and we hope to do it again. Thanks for reading this article!