What John McCain and the ACLU Have in Common


To understand the veritable fact that only the citizens can truly take down the larger-than-life, almost seemingly authoritarian political tycoons and party bosses, one must understand how the destruction works.  Taking down authoritarianism, however, should only be when one knows it’s happening, or it’s about to happen.  Goldman Sachs and the DNC feeding Hillary Clinton’s victory in the primary? Yes, that should’ve been covered and protested more.  Simply put, Republicans don’t protest as much.  They might complain equally as much as the left, but they do not protest as much.

The ignorance of the Trump Administration is one that needs to be protested.  How often has anyone ever seen ignorance lead to authoritarian corruption?  It’s absurdly rare. Trump is abusing his power more than Nixon, and with the media coverage we have, I’m surprised he hasn’t been impeached yet.  Then again, I’m not.  Trump has a power that few have.  If he doesn’t know something, he makes you look dumber.  If he hurts himself in an interview, it’s the interviewer’s fault.  He belittles every single person of power or organization who disagrees with him, except for two.  The first is John McCain.

Trump can’t criticize McCain for anything (as seen when his “I like people who weren’t captured” line on the campaign trail was met with nothing but scorn).  McCain is a hard-working, honest, establishment Republican.  He is a former veteran, and a P.O.W. at that.  Trump knows he can’t criticize the leader of moderate conservatives.  So what does Trump do?  He makes people forget about John McCain.

Republicans like McCain speak vibrantly about their beliefs, which is something Americans used to marvel at.  Trump’s laconic, blatant ways have seemed to overshadow not just real, political speaking, but real facts as well.  It’s disgusting to watch, as a Republican.

This said, many Republicans and Democrats have agreed with McCain, and he is no longer seen as just the face of the moderate Republicans, but the face of nonpartisanship as well.

The second thing Trump can’t seem to stop is the American Civil Liberties Union.  They have caught a speed like no other organization this year, by fighting back against this political ignorance that is the Trump Administration.  Notably, the ACLU is nonpartisan, and advocating from a nonpartisan standpoint is not only a morally correct thing, but a brilliant way to gain a substantial following.

The ACLU participated in a rally in the University of Miami’s basketball arena, and it was filled to the brim.  Executive director of the ACLU, Anthony Romero, told The Washington Post this:

“It didn’t take a lot of work to fill this auditorium”[…] “People want to be deployed. They don’t just want to write you a check, or sign a petition. They want to be engaged. You want to be protagonists with us.”

The reason Goldman Sachs and the DNC was so injured by the Republicans without many protests is because they weren’t engaged.  The ACLU is more than just paycheck after paycheck donated, like Romero said.  That is powerful.  This said, their donations have not been frugal from some companies.  According to CNN, the ACLU collected $24.1 million in one weekend.  Twitter also donated $1.6 million to the union to combat Trump’s regime.

The only way you can deconstruct the ignorance, the authoritarianism, and the larger-than-life politicians who want to be exactly that, is to be more than a paycheck. Engagement always wins, and I have a reliable source for that. History.