Casady School’s “Future Freshman Day”


On February 3rd, 2017, the freshman’s schedule changed.  It wasn’t a big deal.  All we had to do was substitute lunch for a 4th period class, and have three classes after lunch.  For our eighth grade predecessors, however, the contrary was true.  The class of 2021 got to take a detailed visit of the Casady Upper Division, and got to meet some great teachers.  It was practically a day in the life of a high school freshman.   Students from Westminster also attended Future Freshman Day, and they all seemed very excited as well.

I remember last year’s Future Freshman Day, and it was an important, yet fun day.  Many of the kids I knew from Westminster came to Future Freshman Day, and a lot of them ended up attending Casady.  Casady did a fantastic job organizing the event.

All of that seemed to hold true to today’s Future Freshman Day. The teachers seemed to enjoy seeing their future students as well.  I interviewed John Kelly, 9th Grade Ancient World History teacher, on his opinion of Future Freshman Day. When asked what his favorite part about Future Freshman Day was, he responded with this: “Oh, gosh.  It’s great to see how much they (the future freshman) know, and I am always amazed at how much they know.  It really is a chance for me to brag about the history department here and Casady as a whole.”

I also got the opinion of incoming freshman, Oliver Pointer (’21), and he had nothing but high praise: “I thought it was a ton of fun to get a feel for what school and classes will be like next year,” he told me.

Overall, Casady’s Future Freshman Day seemed to go very well, and is also a great idea to welcome the soon-to-be-freshman to high school.  Go, Cyclones!