Fifth Grade Camp Classen Campout – Connor Phelps ’24 & Jackson Stewart ’24


Kids are getting more lazy every day, but this camp can help you get out of your house and it’s a lot of fun! That is why the fifth grade goes to Camp Classen. People are now working to keep wildlife up and running at Camp Classen. Maybe you could too!

Did you know there are Pokemon stops at Camp Classen? There is even one at the top of a mountain! Mr. Staats even became a gym leader and is earning coins from it because nobody knows one is there! Camp Classen was really fun. There are pits for Gaga Ball, a game where you get out if someone hits your foot with a ball, there as well. We liked to play with the other kids there too. When we went hiking I, Connor Phelps, jumped on a log and a baby snake was on it! When we were reaching the end of the hike, there was a little pond with limestone rocks surrounding it.

When we first got there it was wet at camp. We got separated into our cabins and went to play at the fields. Then we got called to the dining hall to listen to an explanation of camp. If we found a piece of trash on the ground, we were to say “It’s my camp!” as loud as we could. After that we went to eat. If you like Gaga Ball this place is the place to go. Then we went to go hiking.

At night we went on this cool hike to check out the stars. There were so many stars there! You couldn’t even see the grass; all you could do was feel it! At the end of the hike we went to this little water hole thingy and it tasted like what you imagine tar would taste like. Then we went on this bus and it drove us back to camp. My mouth was as dry as a cactus! I would have traded anything for water. But then I found twenty bucks my mom gave me and loaded up on Powerade!

In the morning we did three things. Archery, an obstacle course, and canoeing. Archery was hard but fun. We had two rounds of five arrows. You could shoot until you finished all of the arrows. Then there was the obstacle course. Okay, it wasn’t really an obstacle course, but it was easier than calling it brain and teamwork course. You had to have a lot of teamwork, and it was fine to ask for help if you needed it. Then came my personal favorite activity (I’m Jackson), canoeing. You go with a partner and chose a canoe. Then you can spend up to thirty minutes canoeing. It was so peaceful, and relaxing. If you finish early you can play volleyball, which I did.

It was a nice little break from all of the homework we had. There was a sweet paintball course there but we didn’t do it. I had about three sores on my foot at the end of Camp Classen. We had a cool cafeteria there and we ate chicken for breakfast one time! I hope we go back next year! Thank you for reading  OUR article!