The Crier Endorses…


Uh Hillary We Guess….

Typically, endorsement articles articulate a beautiful representation of a candidate’s character and put forth why one candidate is more presidential than the other. However, in this election, completely standing behind either candidate is hard, so our editorial staff did it with slight hesitation and a lukewarm attitude. Regardless of this attitude, the vote was still unanimous for Hillary Clinton. As the title reads, the Crier has chosen to endorse Secretary Clinton (as virtually all publications across the United States have done,) and although we do it half-heartedly, there are still many points to consider that make her a far better candidate for the presidency.

Donald Trump may be a “good businessman”, but he is not a viable option for President. No sane person would let him have power over nuclear warfare with his insane temper. It just isn’t rational. Mr. Trump would be a historical disaster to our country and his personal defects completely overshadow the flaws Clinton has. Mr. Trump has no respect for the population of the United States, and that’s obvious with his crude, sexist comments he has made against women, and the racist, ignorant comments he has made against the minorities of America. No person should be able to be president if they misrepresent the general population.

Our country has major trust issues with Clinton, but not the almost obvious life-or-death issue we would have with Donald Trump as our Commander-and-Chief. Hillary Clinton is the obvious choice.

She has experience. Clinton has worked arduously to break barriers women have struggled to break politically. She has done a lot for the country, and much of that is overshadowed by missteps she has made and attacks on her character. Ultimately, no candidate is perfect, and her resilience to the scrutiny is admirable and represents her actions under pressure. 

She is prepared. Clinton has been through multiple political hurricanes and came out virtually unscathed. She can handle the worst, and know how to fight when the going gets tough. She will work for America with everything she’s got. Clinton knows the political game and can handle the worst of it. America couldn’t have a better leader right now to handle all the chaos going on in our world, nation, and even just in Washington D.C.. She will keep us on the same track Obama has lead America on over the last 8 years, and that is a much better option than the anarchy Trump could potentially lead us to.

With all of this being said: Happy Election Day!