Casady School Food Drive Comes to a Close


On November 23, 2016 Casady School began its annual Food Drive. The drive, organized by the Casady Youth Acting in the Community club (Y.A.C), lasts five days. All divisions from the primary to the high school participate, and the proceeds are delivered to the Regional Food Bank on the fifth day. It is a chance for students and faculty to donate cans and money to the Oklahoma Regional Food Bank.

 The junior class led the school in volume of cans, bringing in 3,117 dollars in cans and cash. Second place went to the middle division, which donated 3,075 in cans and money. Of the middle division grades, the House Taber donated the most cans. Following was the lower division, which contributed 1,166 to the drive. The fourth grade led the lower division food drive. The primary came fourth with 647 cans, and the upper division faculty came in last with 150 cans, cash and checks.

The junior class was rewarded for their support with an out of uniform day the week after the drive.

The entire school collected 5,141 cans and $3000.77 in cash and checks, resulting in a total of 19,750 meals. This total surpassed that of 2015, which was 9,386 meals.

On Friday of last week, Y.A.C. co-president presented the three thousand dollar check to Food Bank representative, Natalie Price, in the upper division chapel. Some last minute donations are yet to be counted, and Price will announce the final numbers in the chapel on the seventh of November.

Y.A.C. will have a “matching solicitations drive” for businesses. The drive will last from November 7 to November 11.