Carson Wentz is an Answered Prayer for Philadelphia Sports Fans


Coming off a triumphant win over the undefeated Minnesota Vikings, Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles are changing the NFL possession by possession.  Wentz is making Philly fans proud, with over a thousand passing yards and a 64% completion on all of his passes. The Eagles are a dream come true for the nightmare that is Philadelphia sports. So, how can one rookie quarterback from a small school in North Dakota change the face of a franchise and of a city? Whatever the answer is, Carson Wentz has it.

For Philadelphia sports fans, the past few years haven’t been ideal.  Last year, the Philadelphia 76ers managed the second worst record in NBA history, going 10-72.  Also, last year’s Eagles went 7-9, missing the playoffs.  The Phillies haven’t been performing, finishing second to last in their division this year.  So could the 2016 Eagles change the perception of Philadelphia sports teams?  

Like I said, the Eagles just came off an impressive win against the previously undefeated Vikings. They are now 4-2. Wentz’s stats continue to improve every game, and has a 93% quarterback rating.  Also, Wentz’s attitude and response to the media makes Eagles fans like him even more.  ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio said this about Wentz before his 31 point win over the Steelers: “If Wentz wins this game, the people in this town are going to tear down the Rocky statue and put up one of Carson Wentz.”

It is also true that Wentz is one of the leaders of this overall impressive rookie class.  Wentz and Dak Prescott lead the way when it comes to rookie quarterbacks. So, what do Wentz’s teammates think of him?  Well, when he threw a 12-yard touchdown pass to the Eagles’ number one receiver Jordan Matthews, they did a celebration that showed a connection.  Jordan Matthews had this to say about Wentz and their celebration:

“We were thinking about something that represents both of us, so usually when guys score touchdowns or something crazy happens, they jump into each other’s arms and they call it getting ‘hype.’ But with us, we want to play with each other for a long time. We feel like we work hard enough to where we should expect the touchdown and we should expect great things to happen. So every time I run up to him, we fake like we are going to jump into each other, then say, ‘Nah,’ put the tie on, and shake hands. So it is like no hype, straight business.”

Straight business.  The highlight of this quote to me is not Matthews talking about the celebration, but how he is talking about Wentz.  Those players want to play with Wentz for a long time.  They want to be so good that they expect touchdowns.  How could any Philadelphia sports fan dislike a player like that?

So, how is Wentz an answered prayer for Philadelphia sports fans?  He is transforming the way Philly sports are looked at.  The hardworking people of Philadelphia want hardworking athletes, and they have one in their franchise rookie quarterback from North Dakota.