Casady Computes: Our New Computer Science Program


Many of your daily activities, such as sending a Snapchat, Googling a question, swiping your card at an ATM, or playing Pokemon Go are direct results of computing. The ability to code and work with computers is something that is increasingly sought after in the job market. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the computer science field is projected to grow 22% by 2020, creating 1.4 million new jobs in this field. Learning about computers and their role in our society can prove highly beneficial in school and beyond. You now have this opportunity because Casady has begun to offer courses in computer science.  

The computer science program is a few years in the making. Basic coding is taught in the Lower Division, and computer classes in the Middle Division, but the Upper Division has lacked any kind of program. As the top independent school in Oklahoma City, Mr. Sheldon, our Head of School, felt that this addition was necessary in order to develop a successful STEM program that would prepare students for college.

These classes will not just prepare a student for many areas of study in the STEM field, but will will further your ability to think critically, to navigate research, to work collaboratively, and develop logical reasoning,” according to  Mr. Sheldon. The courses offered are CS Foundations: Informatics, CS Foundations: Introduction to Python Programming, CS Foundations: Information Security/Error Correcting Codes, MSON: Introduction to Computer Science, and MSON: App Design and Development. Though MSON classes are only available to seniors, the foundation classes may be taken by any student who has taken or is currently taking honors geometry. The course is taken as an elective and will count for computer credit. These classes cover a variety of topics, including classical and modern cryptography, how to manipulate code, how to model and process data, and how computers send data back and forth.

Class size currently ranges from six to eleven students and are taught by Mr. Ebert. Mr. Sheldon hopes that the popularity of these classes will increases and that“more girls than boys will enroll in the classes to break the stereotype that it is a male dominated field.”

If you are interested in taking this class or have questions about availability, see Ms. Infantino or email her at .