A Recap of the First Day of School


Grace Pitman, Editor in Chief

Casady School kicked off the academic school year on Tuesday, Aug. 23, and it was an exciting day for everyone. The seniors welcomed the freshmen with stickers and leis; which has been a Casady tradition for many years. The students in the Upper Division bustled around from class to class, catching up with friends and getting adjusted to their new daily schedules. Jake Uhland, a senior and lifer at the school, said, “It is always nice getting back into the swing of things and into an academic mindset. I am excited for this year, especially getting to be a senior!” The Upper Division was not the only part of the school excited for the upcoming year; Middle and Lower Division students got dropped off the same morning excited for their classes and to reconnect with their friends.

The Middle Division students were excited for the day in particular, seeing as one of the history teachers in the division dresses like a historical figure for the first day of school every year. Grayson Walker, an eighth grade history teacher, dressed up as Robert E. Lee this year and spent break and lunch periods interacting with the students and telling them fun facts about Robert E. Lee. Mr. Walker dresses up each year because, he says, “in the Middle Division, emotions run high: fifth graders are new to the building; eighth graders begin to assert themselves as leaders; and everyone else seems to do what they always do. I just try to introduce a little anarchy by doing something that is outside of the box. So far, so good.”

Students from first grade to twelfth gathered together for an opening chapel before lunch, and Head of School Nathan Sheldon spoke to discuss the upcoming school year. The primary focus of his speech was standing for something rather than standing against something. He said, “Casady School stands for many things, but, as we begin another great year, I invite each of you to choose what positive virtues you stand for. I want to challenge you to consider making kindness, respect, or honor at least one of the virtues that you will stand for.” He then went on to say, “I am so glad to have each of you as Casady students this year, and let’s always, ‘remember who we are and what we represent.’” Mr. Sheldon’s speech set a great standard for the school year, and that statement will be in every Casady student’s mind for the duration of the year. This year will bring forth many exciting opportunities and adventures at Casady School, and the first day was a great start to that.

Previously Featured in the Oklahoma City Friday Paper.