In a year when colleges both received more and accepted fewer applications than ever before, Casady’s class of 2016 played exceptionally well in the game that is the college admissions process. With a total acceptance rate of 73% to 95 different schools, 45 of them considered highly selective, Casady’s college counseling department considers this application season to be one of record success.

Yet the graduating class’ success is not at all surprising as they hold the highest average GPA and ACT combo the school has seen in 10 years. While Casady has always been known to have many high achieving students in each class, even those in the fourth quartile made cum laude status marking this group as an exceptionally strong one.

This year’s 265 total acceptances came from schools in 29 different states and four different countries. Notable matriculations include one to USC prestigious film school, one to UMKC’s six year MD program, and three student athletes who will be playing for two D1 and one D2 school.

The class of 2016 will also be adding 16 new stickers to the college counseling wall of matriculation, representing 16 schools a Casady student will be attending for the first time in at least ten years, school which include Johns Hopkins University, The University of Michigan, Tulane University, and Davidson College.

One notable trend from this year is that only 25% of the graduating class will be matriculating to in-state schools. The other 75% will be leaving Oklahoma for 38 out-of-state schools, most of them private. In fact, Casady students will be attending more schools in California than they will be in Oklahoma. This is the first time anything of the sort has ever happened, yet it is indicative of a trend towards greater prevalence of private institutions in the realm of secondary education.

If anything, however, these college acceptances mark only the beginning of a life of success and achievement for each and every member of the class of 2016. Casady’s 77 graduating students will go on to do great things in college, but will do even greater things after, and we cannot wait to see what those great things will be. Good luck, God bless, and FOREVER A CYCLONE.