The Flaw of Hollywood


Recently, the Oscar awards created a stir in Hollywood and across the nation. People from all over the nation have been discussing how the nominees for the top four categories of the Academy Awards were only white actors and actresses, and how this seems to be a prevailing trend from year to year. This discrimination in the awards sparked outrage across the country, and Twitter went crazy with the hashtag “#Oscarssowhite” from the day the nominations were announced to the actual date of the Oscars. It seems that the Oscars did not accurately represent the outstanding talents of all ethnicities in Hollywood, and something needs to be done about it. Although this is true, some people believe the nominations reflect a bias against minorities within the Academy itself and that there are much larger issues at hand.

Although numerous things make up the overall problem of the lack of diversity in Oscar nominations, the major problem seems to be the lack of opportunity for non-white actors and actresses. The cold, hard truth is that minorities are not getting the important roles in movies that receive the big nominations. African Americans are being discriminated against in Hollywood, and this needs to change. Ultimately, major roles in Hollywood are dominated by white men.

In an article written in the LA Times, this problem of discrimination is accurately portrayed by the discussion of how film is art, and art matters. The images in film that are created and shared to reveal the truths of humanity can only be accurately portrayed if everyone who exists is equally shown. Equality in Hollywood is essential to creating an honest and moving film industry. So, the Oscars is essentially not the root of the discrimination in Hollywood, but it is in the lack of roles offered to them. However, the future is optimistic. AMPAS and the Academy have developed a 5-year plan called A2020 that “will ensure that top executives expand their thinking when hiring, mentoring and encouraging new talent.” The path toward equality in Hollywood seems to be on the way up.