Take a Leap Day – Bianca Caves ’22


Take a Leap Day 2016 was a day dedicated to learning about the election process and our government. We, the middle school students, learned about different aspects of our government such as the US Constitution. We took classes learning about different things on our own schedule. Each student had their own class list. Mine were on the women suffragettes, social media and its effects on the election, and about how religion and politics go hand in hand or not. There were many other classes that other students had. Mrs. Zedlitz, one of the 6th grade teachers, traveled from room to room to see how different classes were going. She said that the things she liked most was seeing how different teachers find different things for their classes to learn and do that would be interesting and entertaining. She liked the websites and activities that the different teachers incorporated into their lessons.
We also held an election of our own. Our three candidates were Mr. Bottomly, Mr Fryer and Mr. Bonfiglio. The three candidates all had different campaigns. Mr Bottomly’s campaign was that we would have two free seating days at lunch but not have an out of uniform day in March. Mr Fryer’s campaign was that we would have two out of uniform days but give up our free seating in March. Mr. Bonfiglio’s campaign was that our privilege days would stay the same and we would have an out of uniform and free seating day in March. We had voting tables set up in a library. We had an 85% voter turnout, and Mr. Fryer won. So that means that we will have two out of uniform days in March.