SPC Winter Preview: Wrestling


The Cyclones wrestling team will be heading down to Houston this weekend to compete in the SPC tournament at St. John’s. Though it is the biggest and most important tourney the team will be participating in this season, it is not nearly the hardest. Our wrestlers faced highly reputable 3A and 4A teams in events such as the Kingfisher tournament and Western Conference yet still managed to performed incredibly. This sets the Cyclones up to earn multiple medals at this weekends SPC tournament. The team will be heading down on Thursday and competing on Saturday. We hope to see you there.

Players To Watch:

Will Bennett: Though only a sophomore, Will is the most experienced wrestler on the entire team as he comes from a family of Cyclone wrestlers including his father and his brother James, both of whom won SPC in their own time. He traveled down to Houston just last week to compete in the Texas State Prep School tournament and had a great performance, and is expected to do even better this weekend.

Jack Ryan: Jack is such a beast that the acclaimed novelist Tom Clancy named the protagonist of his most famous series after him. Just kidding, but Jack is a beast. He’s tough, smart, and driven – the perfect mix for a breakout SPC performance.

Nick Armoudian: Weighing in an 160 lb, freshman Nick Armoudian has placed at every single tournament he has participated in this year, and there is no reason he shouldn’t do the same at SPC.  You would never be able to tell that this is only his second year as a wrestler by the way he kicks butt and takes names on the mat.

Go get em’ Cyclones!IMG_5570