SPC Preview: Boys Basketball


The regular season is over. Now, it’s playoff time. In this season, the Casady Cyclones went undefeated in SPC play with a 9-0 record and an overall record of 21-3. While that is impressive in and of itself, the expectation is to bring home an SPC championship.

In order to accomplish this goal, the Cyclones need to win 3 games. The good news is because of their first round bye, the Cyclones already have a leg up. They get a day off and can prepare for their next opponent.




Above this sentence is the overall bracket for the SPC tournament (sorry if it is difficult to read, you can zoom in on your computer screen hopefully).

For Casady’s first game, they’ll either play Episcopal Dallas or Houston Christian. However, since Houston Christian is hosting the tournament, there is a chance the Cyclones end up playing the home team in the first round. From there, it all depends on any potential upsets that do or do not occur.

This sounds unfair for the number one overall seed in the SPC, but champions are made in times of great opportunity. Here, the Cyclones have a great opportunity to show what they are made of. They have played at a high level the whole season and have never showed any signs of slowing down. This team is ready to compete. This team is ready to win.

Next game is in Houston. Thank you for your support of the Casady Cyclones.