Casady Basketball Beats Heritage 59-57


First off, wow. What a game. This truly was the definition of an instant classic. It started close and ended close. Both teams trading buckets in the beginning to the end, where the Cyclones ended up scoring more.

While this game didn’t exactly matter for the SPC Championship, everybody knew this was a big game. One last time to take on the Heritage Hall Chargers in their gym. It was all about one thing: pride. It’s a shame that a classic rivalry like this has to go away, but a supposed wise person once said that “All good things must come to an end,” kinda like the end to this game.

There was never one team that lead decisively throughout any point in the game. The lead went back and forth until the final buzzer. Both teams were firing on all cylinders on the offense end. Defense became a trouble for the Cyclones after a couple of made threes, but their offense made up for it.

At some point during the second quarter, Ryan Callahan suffered some kind of knee injury and didn’t play the third quarter, leaving Maxwell Wariboko to take his place. In that third quarter, the Cyclones continued to play strong and did not let the intensity of the “Jungle” to get to them as they kept their composure against a formidable Heritage Hall team.

It all came down to it with about 3 minutes left in the fourth quarter. What a sequence of events that is about to occur. With the game tied 51-51, Omar Boone gets the shooter’s roll on a gutsy three point attempt and the Cyclones are winning the game. However, Heritage came right back at Casady with a three of their own to tie the game. Game is tied again at 54-54. There are a couple of possessions until there is less than one minute left in the game. Omar Boone drove down the lane where two Heritage defenders collapse, leaving Ryan Callahan open just enough to knock down the game’s biggest shot. Bad move, Chargers. Cyclones lead 57-54.

After Heritage turns the ball over off of a bad possession, Maxwell Wariboko is fouled trying to dribble out the clock. He hits one of two free throws to give the Cyclones a two possession lead. Heritage comes down and hits another 3 to cut it down 58-57. This game wasn’t over yet. On the next inbounds play, Jaylan Williams is fouled trying to get the ball. He hits one of two as well and the Cyclones only need one more solid defensive possession until they knock out the Heritage Hall Chargers. They got it. They won.

Again, this game does not count towards their SPC record, but this was more than just about a record. This was about the rivalry as a whole. This was about who had the last say. This was another win for the Casady Cyclones.

The Cyclones greatly appreciate the support from their fans and students. This game simply wouldn’t be the same without them.

Next up is Episcopal in Dallas this SPC weekend. See you there.