Bishop McAllister and BARHD – Bianca Caves ’22

Photo courtesy of Madame Robertson

Donut Day is is on some Thursdays. It is a day when when Fr. Youmans brings Krispy Kreme glazed donuts for the Middle Division and we can buy them.They cost $1.00 and all of the profits go to our sister school, Bishop McCallister, in Uganda or to a student to pay for their tuition to our sister school. The International Club also has bake sales to raise money for them. The students write us letters and the International Club writes back. For more information, ask Fr. Youmans or Mrs. Robertson. Help those who are less fortunate by buying baked goods or donuts.

Bushenyi Alliance for Rural Health & Development, or BARHD, is an organization that teams up with the Oklahoma Episcopal Diocese.

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