Sixth Grade Camping Trip – Edison Lu ’22


The sixth grade camping trip was a very momentous trip. As soon as we got there, there wasn’t a second to waste! The first thing we did was go to the cabins and set up our beds. The cabins are split between the girls and the boys. The boys did different articles such as volleyball and canoeing, and afterwards, we switched. The cabins are led by a parent. My cabin was cabin 19.  All the other boy’s cabins did the same activities, but I will tell you what my cabin did.

We went to the chapel and had a chapel ceremony.

The activitieswe did were the scavenger hunt, hiking, canoeing, the fossil dig, the museum tour, and volleyball/archery. I didn’t do archery, because I am very horrible at it. I can’t even control the bow! So anyways, here are my favorite three. I like volleyball the best, because we got to play a game on the beach volleyball court called “Nuke ‘em”. It is onCanoeinge of my favorite games because it is a solo survival game (which is my favorite) while you are on a team. The other team throws it to you, and you have to catch it and throw it back. Canoeing was my next favorite activity because I have been kayaking three times so I have the knack. The hike was my third favorite because the view was beautiful, and we got to climb a canyon. Those were my favorite three.