Mrs. Zedlitz – Bianca Caves ’22


Mrs. Zedlitz works hard and is a great teacher. She teaches us things we don’t know about every day and does it with a smile on her face. On top of teaching history she always tries to help us with any subject and helps us get organized. But you can’t forget she also has a family at home that she has to do all of the hard mom stuff for. I would love to be like her when I grow up.

Here is some information about Mrs. Zedlitz!

How long have you been teaching?
15 years

How long have you been teaching at Casady?
6.5 years

What is your favorite part of teaching?
Being in an academic environment

What is your favorite part of having new students each year? What do you like most about this year’s students?
Getting to know a new group of personalities is fun. Even though I teach the same information (more or less) every year, each new group of students sees the material in a different way; they make new connections based on their lives and experiences.

This year’s group of 6th graders are a lot fun! They are sweetly boisterous, funny and earnest. I like that they seem to have good relationships with one another, and they try to do well. Many of them seem to get that being a student is a full time and worthy endeavor and they work hard at it.

What and/or who made you want to become a teacher?
Growing up my parents read all the time, and I was blessed to be able to travel to the UK a lot to visit my family. We spent most of our time tramping around old churches, castles, and town and my dad always encouraged me to know who lived there or what happened there. I always wanted to tell other people about what I had learned, and teaching gave me a way to do this and to learn more!

Mr. Hall, my 8th grade world history teacher, at the Hockaday School and Mrs. Levanthal, my 4th grade language arts teacher at the Lamplighter School, also made me want to become a teacher. They loved what they did and sharing it with their students.

Have you taught any other subjects? If so, what?
I have taught Western Civilization, Modern World History, AP Modern European History, Art History, and Russian History.

Have you taught at any other schools? If so, where?
I taught at Charlotte Latin School, a private day school, in Charlotte, NC. It was a lot like Casady, except it wasn’t affiliated with a church and had about 1000 kids.

Have you taught any other grades? If so, which?
9-12th grades

What would you consider your greatest achievement as a teacher?
I consider it a great achievement any time I can encourage a student to keep trying through hard things. Any time a student tells me that they like coming to history class, I feel like that’s a great achievement! I have lots of former students who tell me that they went on to do travel related careers or took history classes in college because they liked what they learned with me. That’s a wonderful thing to know.

Anything else you would like to share about yourself/your class:
Studying history makes you interesting! It teaches you how to ask questions, engage in dialogue, appreciate the “otherness” of other people, and understand the world around you.