From Some Stones, There Comes Jewels


Isabel Alberola, Staff Writer

Mrs. Stone, a beloved and fun teacher at Casady, wasn’t always set on being a teacher. She experienced many other things in life, including law school when she thought she was going to be a lawyer. However, luckily for us, she fell into teaching later in life, finding her love.

Mrs. Stone is not new to Casady, though. She went to school here, and has seen Casady change.

Interestingly enough, she says Casady hasn’t changed much. Some differences include: “there’s more pressure on students to get As than before, more interaction between parents and teachers, the food is a lot healthier, and the Upper Division campus is very different and much prettier.”

Some things remain the same, as Casady taught Mrs. Stone to think, study, write clearly and effectively, and to enjoy learning, which prepared her enormously for any endeavor she pursued. This still rings true for many students.

The most important thing for anyone in a job is to have enjoyment in what they’re doing. Mrs. Stone is so glad that she found teaching because she truly found her calling. “I like my students. The happiest part of my day is being with my students no matter what subject.” This is just as well as she was switched over from the History department to the English department this year. Her love for her students allows her to teach well, producing sparkling students who are prepared for life.

All teachers have certain reputations and legacies that they leave behind. As Mrs. Stone put it, “I would want my students to remember me as a teacher who both pushed her students to be their best, but also that they knew I cared for them.”

Sometimes in life, a teacher can change our whole view on the world with their words and experiences that they share with us. Mrs. Stone shared a little advice that we should all try to live by, “Don’t judge people because you don’t know whats going on their life.” In your day today, try not to judge anyone because in that way, you will be helping the world to become a better place.