Crier Gets You Ready For SPC: Cross Country


Namir Khaliq, News Editor

This weekend, seniors Lily Hahn, Caitlin Fuller, Tek Kreidler, and Lucas Tilghman will be heading down to SPC for the final time in their cross country careers.

Having had three runners place in the top ten in their respective categories in the All SPC North-Zone Tournament earlier this season, Cyclones’ cross country is in a good position to bring home some medals from this weekend’s final outing. These guys run to live and live to run, and we cannot wait to see them succeed down in Austin.

Players to Watch:

Jack Ryan ’17 – This junior is undoubtedly one of the toughest athletes at Casady. Running barefoot for miles daily, Jack has cross country coursing through his veins. While running is a chore for most, it is a leisure activity for him, and he is definitely going to be one of the best at SPC.

Kaitlyn Barthell ’17 – Kaitlyn is all but guaranteed to be a front-runner (pun intended) in the women’s category down in Austin this weekend. Always leading the pack, she has been successful in SPC runs for the past two years and is set to place well once again this year.

Sanjay Ramdas ’16 – Sophomore Sanjay Ramdas got his first big cross country honor when he placed just outside the top 10 in the all North Zone race just a few weeks ago. This young runner has tons of untapped potential and will definitely be a runner to watch this weekend, and for the next two years, as well.

From the Players:

Caitlin Fuller: “Running is a mental sport and we are all insane. No half times. No time outs. No breaks. From start to finish… We run cross country.”

Lily Hahn: “The feeling you get when you finish a race is always worth all the pain it took to get there.”

Tek Kreidler: “Our sport is your sport’s punishment.”