Boys Volleyball Off to a Slow Start


The boys volleyball team has gotten off an disappointing start compared to the last two very successful years. The Cyclones have started 2-2 in counter play and took losses to Greenhill in the semifinals at the Red River Roundup and the quarters at the Houston Zone Cup.

Casady lost their two counters to St. Mark’s (3-0) and Greenhill (3-1). The story of these games have been many Cyclone errors, which lead to deep holes that were difficult to dig out of.

For example, when Casady played Greenhill in Houston, the Cyclones allowed 29 unforced errors, which gave Greenhill nearly 60% of the points needed to win.

Halfway through counters, there’s still a lot of potential on the team to be realized. The Casady boys definitely have the best athletes on the court in the SPC, but the chemistry and consistency is not all there yet. Flashes of that potential can be seen on some plays, but the big spike, perfect set, or perfect pass is trying to be made too often.

The Cyclones may just need more time on the court playing in real game situations because many of the starters have not played before this year.

The deal with the SPC this year is that there are four teams that have a legitimate chance to win it: St. John’s, St. Mark’s, Greenhill, and Casady. If the Cyclones can pull together and win out, they can be the one seed from the North in the tournament.

There’s a big difference between the one and two seed from the North because the two will have to go through St. John’s, who won the Houston Zone Cup, and is therefore the preliminary favorite at SPC. There are four weeks left in the season with a break in between the final counter and the SPC tournament, which will be held in Austin this year. This weekend, the Cyclones will play St. Mark’s on Friday and Trinity Valley on Saturday, which will be the seniors’ final game at home.