Tips for the School Year – Caitrin Coppinger ’20


by Caitrin Coppinger ’20

The new school year can be overwhelming. You have to get used to your new locker, or you might forget what you need to bring to class. Here are some great tips for getting the new school year organized and stress-free.

Life is so much easier when you have an organized locker. To keep it organized, first you’ll need to separate everything into different sections. I have one 8” and two 11” locker mates; I stack the 11” ones from the bottom to the top, and the 8” on top. The roof of the 8” locker mate holds everything that I need to take home for homework that night. So when I leave a class and am  putting things away, I put the things I need to take home for that class on the top shelf. Under the top shelf I place all my notebooks, workbooks, and folders. And under that shelf I put all my textbooks and assigned books. Last but not least, the tiny cubbie under my locker holds all my extra paper, notebooks, textbooks, pencils, and pens; basically anything extra is stored there. There are many, many ways to organize your locker, but what’s most important is that you use a system that works for you.

The next vital thing is to be prepared. I’m sure you’ve all gotten to a class and realized that you forgot that you needed such and such. One way to prevent that from happening is to have a visual aid of everything you need. What you can do is to go to each class and ask the teacher what you need and write it down, or you can look back at your school supplies list or remember by memory when you’re not in a rush.

Your schedule is super important! It’s best to put it where you’ll always look. Some people put it in their binder cover, tape it to their locker, attach it to their planner in a sheet protector, etc.  Find a way that works best for you!

My last tip is to keep up with your planner. Your planner can help you so much! This mini tip is more for seventh and eighth graders; on the top where it says the day of the week, in the corner write the letter of the day: A, B, C, etc. In the other corner write an abbreviation of the class name that you’re missing: Engl. Span. Hist. etc.  You can also write something in that class section to let you know that you don’t have that class that day. When you don’t have homework in a class, make sure to write it down so you don’t freak out that night thinking you forgot something. I find it helpful to check off the homework assignments that I have finished so it’s quicker to look and know you have everything done.

Those are all my tips for now. Use the ones that you like! They can be extremely helpful.