The Difference between Fifth Grade and Sixth – Edison Lu ’22


by Edison Lu ’22

It has been a long summer break but we now are returning back to school! The class of 2022 is now in sixth grade, and there have been some changes now that we are in sixth grade instead of fifth grade. This time, we have to choose one foreign language, and we will study that language throughout the whole year! This year, core classes remain the same.  But this year P.E is before lunch! There are the same events such as the Bible Bee in fifth grade, but there might be some new ones. Last year we had Mrs. Davidson for an English teacher. The sixth grade math teacher retired and now Mr. Scoville, who used to be P.E teacher, is the new math teacher! Coach Hofer left too, so now there is Coach Gonzaga and Coach Max.

The clubs remain the same too, but there are new ones such as the Outdoor Activities club. In Biblical Literature class, we learn about the Book of Exodus instead of the Book of Genesis. The Book of Genesis is the first book in the Old Testament, while the Book of Exodus is the second book. We stay in the same Houses. The Houses are: Taber, Woolsey, Kelly, and Martin. Last year, in Social Studies, we learned Geography. This year, in Social Studies, we will learn about History. I feel excited to enter sixth grade, and face the challenges this year. And that is about all the changes there are!